An addictive, challenging & fun puzzle game. Slide the penguins to safety!

The ice rink has been closed down due to an invasion of PENGUINS!
Slide these creatures to safety by collecting the fish tokens, opening the exit and avoid the obstacles along the way as you play through 50 levels and 20 challenges over three challenging modes!

Play through ARCADE mode to get the highest score you can and achieve as many superstar bonuses as you can by completing each level as quickly as you can with as few moves as possible.
Play through CHALLENGE mode to experience 20 unique challenges, how quickly can you complete them all?
Get extreme with HARDCORE mode. One life, 50 levels and you must finish within the time and move limit, how far can you make it through?

Unlock 40 achievements as you play and save the penguins in this unique and challenging puzzle game.

Suitable and compatible with both PHONES & TABLETS

Released 9th June 2015