Yo ho ho and a bottle of RAM!

You are a robot pirate, sail the sea, jump the ships and collect as much booty as you can in this fun, frantic & formidable platformer!

With randomly generated ships and endless challenges, this is a great time-killing game to test your platforming skills. Remember, even though you're a pirate and you know how to work it, you can't touch the water as it makes you short circuit!

Stay alive by avoiding the enemies, the water and the ever-getting-faster tidal wave behind you!

  • Randomly Generated levels

  • Gradual difficulty progression

  • Global leaderboards and achievements

  • Five Power-Ups to help boost your game (and Three bonus in-game Power-Ups to give you a temporary boost!)

  • Tense moments that will push your platforming skills

  • Millions of possible combinations of ships, endless challenge

  • Available in 11 languages

Released 9th June 2017